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Gro It Solutions is a Winton, Southland, NZ based business set up by Dick Brown with the aim to help farmers collectively reduce costs.

Gro It Solutions can reduce costs associated to: farm merchandise, fuel, magnesium, stock food, power, seed and chemical. Gro It Solutions are able to help to maximise returns for cull cows, bobby calves and other livestock classes. Gro It Solutions also provides specialist seed sales and support for seed and chemicals.


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Gro It Solutions - Merchandise

Farm Merchandise

Access to all farm merchandise at pre negotiated rates. Quotations on all large items..

Gro It Solutions - Fuel


Purchase bulk fuel at more than competitive prices.  Access to a fuel card at great prices from nationwide sites..

Gro It Solutions - Seed

Seed & Chemical

All major varieties available. Independent and experienced recommendations and advice from: preparation, sowing, harvest and grazing. Integrated pest control solutions..

Livestock options

Processor contracts with cull cows and bobby calves. Internal group selling/ purchasing  of all classes of stock – farmer to farmer..

Looking to reduce costs / increase returns?

Farm merchandise, fuel, magnesium, stock food, power, seed, chemical, machinery and calf feed
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